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 +====== Wash ======
 +If a workman is in the habit of telling improbable tales, or of asserting falsehoods, as the [[c:​chapel|chapel]] does not allow the lie direct to be given, neither do any choose to get into a personal quarrel by doing it, it is usual, in order to express the general disbelief, to wash him, as it is termed; that is, each person with a piece of [[f:​furniture|furniture]],​ or some other substance, will strike repeatedly and quickly upon the front of his [[f:​frame|frame]],​ upon the ledge of his [[l:​lower-case|lower case]], or upon his [[b:​bulk|bulk]];​ and this being done by every person in the room, where there are a great number employed, it raises such a loud drumming as is deafening, more particularly when they give what they call a "good "wash: this is customary both in the [[c:​composing|composing room]] and the press room. For the old manner of doing this, //see// [[a:​ancient-customs|Ancient Customs]].