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 +====== White Paper Register ======
 +Pulling an [[i:​impression-sheet|impression]] without [[i:​ink|ink]],​ or with a sheet of waste [[p:​paper|paper]] between the [[f:​form|form]] and the paper for the work, for the purpose of ascertaining that the [[f:​furniture|furniture]] is right. This is a good old custom, and it is a pity that it is now so seldom practised, as it would prevent those mistakes of wrong furniture which occasionally occur in the white paper form, and when this happens, which I have known at different times, the only remedy is, either to cancel what has been printed, or to alter the [[r:​reiteration|reiteration]] form to make it [[r:​register|register]] with that which is printed, to the disfigurement of the book when it is bound.