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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​w|Definitions under W]]
 +====== Work with a  Figure ======
 +In printing offices where there are a number of presses employed, it is usual to distinguish them by numbers; as 1st press, 2d press, &c.; and the pressmen put a figure into each [[f:​form|form]] they work, corresponding to the number of their press, for the purpose of ascertaining readily at which press a sheet was printed in case of [[b:​bad-work|bad workmanship]],​ or any accident; and in general pressmen are subject to a fine if they work without a figure, or with a wrong one: but when the same press works both the forms of a sheet, it is not necessary to have a figure in more than one form. 
 +The figure used to be placed regularly in a white line at the bottom of an [[e:​even-page|even page]], about four ems from the [[f:​fore-edge|fore edge]]: it was placed in an even page that it might not mislead the bookbinder; and always in a [[f:​full-page|full page]] that did not finish a paragraph. ​