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    Le site Old Book Illustrations est une base de données qui répertorie un millier d’illustrations de livres anciens datant du XIXe siècle et du XXe siècles, consultables et téléchargeables en version numérisées. Un véritable coffre aux trésors, avec des images libres de droits.

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    Old Book Illustrations is a search engine and browseable library of—you’ve guessed it!—the engraved illustrations and litho prints found in old books.
    The scans are high-resolution […] and most come with lots of details about their original creation and printing.

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    There’s a new place on the internet for history and illustration nerds to converge. It’s called Old Book Illustrations – a searchable online database for book art created between the 18th and 20th century. Each image is tagged with the artist, date and book it was scanned from […] Fascinating stuff, really…
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    Tesori d’archivio: Old Book Illustrations ha digitalizzato e messo online quasi 4000 antiche illustrazioni […] Il modo migliore per godersi tanta meravigliosa abbondanza è partire da qui, semplicemente scorrendo le pagine, aprendo immagini, abbandonandosi ai suggerimenti che appaiono sotto a ogni tavola.

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    Vous trouverez en vous promenant sur le site des gravures et dessins de Gustave Doré, Honoré Daumier, Eugène Delacroix… La plupart de ces trésors sont en noir et blanc mais en cherchant bien vous en trouvez également en couleur. Vous découvrez aussi des gravures de célèbres livres comme Oliver Twist de Charles Dickens…

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    Here’s an enormous library of thousands of old book illustrations, with searchable name, artist, source, date, which book it was in, etc. There are also a number of collections to browse through, and each are tagged with multiple keywords so you can also get lost in there in that manner…

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    Old Book Illustrations presents itself as a scholarly resource, including a digitized Dictionary of the Art of Printing and short articles on some of the most famous artists and significant texts from the period. The site’s publishers are also transparent about their selection process…
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    La base de datos en línea Old Book Illustrations ha catalogado miles de estas ilustraciones, sacadas de su contexto original y con posibilidad de búsqueda por nombre de artista, fuente, fecha, título del libro, técnicas, formatos, editores, tema, etc. Old Book Illustrations se presenta como un recurso académico, incluyendo un Diccionario…
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    OMG! Old Book Illustrations bietet eine riesige Sammlung alter Buch-Illustrationen. Ihr könnt dort nach Schlagworten, Autoren, Themen, Künstlern, Drucktechniken, Veröffentlichungsjahren und Titeln suchen und filtern. So oder so: ein Traum. Ebenso gibt es vorgefertigte Kollektionen, die durchstöbert werden können. Viel Spaß damit!
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