Choose the type of illustrations you want to see: animals or people, landscapes, buildings, etc.


Choose your favorite illustrators from a list: Gustave Doré, John Leech, Charles H. Bennett...


Find illustrations by the title of the book or periodical in which they were published: Æsop's fables, Punch, L'Illustration...


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Article on Paul Gavarni
Illustrations in the category Humor
Illustrations in the category Plants
Illustrations in the category Science & Technology
Article translated from L'Illustration about the making of a newspaper in the 1840s
Illustrations by Gustave Dor
Illustrations by Phil May
Illustrations by John Leech
Definition of spirit in The Dictionary of the Art of Printing
Illustrations from Oliver Twist
Illustrations from The Ingoldsby legends
Illustrations from Spensers Faerie queene

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