L’Illustration, a Weekly Newspaper How It Was Done

Editorial office at L’Illustration
Editorial office at L’Illustration with the four founders of the newspaper presiding over the session
Alone, the editorial board and the engravers never rest. The present isn’t to be worried about anymore, the future must be taken care of. I won’t reveal the mysteries of the projects which you should see come to fruition during this new year: this would be taking your greatest pleasure away from you, that of being surprised, and I love you too much, dear subscribers, to play such a nasty trick on you! Rest assured, however, that you will be even more amazed and happy in 1844 that you must have been in 1843. To keep up to date with everything that happens in the world, to try to anticipate everything that will happen, to bring together in the pursuit of a common goal activities scattered to the four corners of the big city for our readers’ greatest satisfaction, that is the task of the editorial board, the learned assembly which never closes the meeting. Before them, articles pertaining to any sort of subject, short stories, novels, drawings, engravings, ballads, etc., come to be assessed. Don’t ask me their names, they persist in keeping hidden, as they say, under the cloak of anonymity. In the political papers, in the magazines, they can be illustrations, but here, they are L’Illustration.

Introduction and translation by OBI

  • This article was taken from No. 53 of L’Illustration, first published in Paris by J.-J. Dubochet on March 2, 1844 and later included in vol. III of the complete collection.
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