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Longitudinal section and plans of the upper deck and holds of the ocean liner La Champagne
La Champagne: Longitudinal section, plan of the upper deck, plan of the holds.
(P. 192-193.)




The Wellcome Library, The Internet Archive


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Longitudinal section and plans of the upper deck and holds of the steamship La Champagne, an ocean liner sailing for the French Line. Primarily located in the front part of the ship were the first-class accommodations, divided into luxury, family, and ordinary cabins. At the rear were twelve bedrooms accommodating seventy-five second-class passengers. Immigrants traveled in the steerage.

A typical bedroom (one has to assume in the first class) is described by the author as being furnished with two bunks, screened by a curtain, on one side, a convertible sofa on the opposite side, a double washbasin with a swing mirror, coat-pegs, and a net to store light luggage.

The detailed captions read as follows:

  • Longitudinal section.

    A. Forecastle. — B. Poop deck. — C. Greater deckhouse. — D. Front lesser deckhouse. — E. Rear lesser deckhouse. — F. Smocking room. — H. Conversing lounge. — K. Kitchen and ancillary departments. — W. Ballast tank. — O. Captain’s deckhouse. — a. First-class dining-room and lounge. — g. Third-class accommodations. — h. Passenger baggage hold. — i. Engines. — j. Boilers.

  • Upper deck.

    a. First-class dining-room and lounge. — b. First-class cabins. — c. Luxury cabins. — d. Ladies’ lounge. — e. Second-class cabins.

  • Holds.

    k. Goods. — l. Engines. — m. Boilers. — n. Coal. — p. Electric lighting apparatus.

The full captions read in the original French:

  • La Champagne (coupe longitudinale).

    A. Gaillard d’avant. — B. Dunette. — C. Grand roof. — D. Petit roof d’avant. — E. Petit roof d’arrière. — F. Fumoir. — H. Salon de conversation. — K. Cuisines et services annexes. — W. Water-ballast. — O. Roof du capitaine. — a. Salle à manger et salon des premières. — g. Logement des passagers de 3me classe. — h. Soute à bagages des passagers. — i. Machines. — j. chaudières.

  • La Champagne (plan du premier entrepont).

    a. Salle à manger et salon des premières. — b. Cabines de 1ere classe. — c. Cabines de luxe. — d. Salon pour les dames. — e. Cabines de 2me classe.

  • La Champagne (plan des cales et des soutes).

    k. Marchandise. — l. Machines. — m. Chaudières. — n. Charbon. — p. Appareils pour l’éclairage électrique.

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