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View of the Ganges with the city of Varanasi on its shore, showing domes and minarets and a few people by a low wall overlooking the river in the foreground. It is described as follows by the authors:

The annexed view is taken from the upper part of the city. The minarets of Aurungzebe’s mosque[1] appear in the distance, and below them is one of those stately and fortress-like mansions that, a short time since, were to be met with in every part of India, though now, through the occurrences of the past two years, for the most part to be found in ruins. Beyond the minarets, to the left, the residence of the Peshwa is visible, towering above the other edifices; and although there is no garden or pleasure-ground attached to this palace, the building affords a fair specimen of the habitations of wealthy Hindus.

  1. ^ Today known as Alamgir Mosque.
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