The Abbey and Hills from near Mussoorie

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Bird's eye view of a mountainous landscape with a cone-shaped hill standing at its center
The abbey and hills from near Mussooree, on the Jumna.




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Bird’s eye view of a mountainous landscape with an attractive, cone-shaped hill topped with a tall mansion standing at its center. The corresponding passage describes the site as follows:

The abbey at Mussoorie occupies a very commanding site, apart from all other habitations, on the extreme summit of a rugged mountain. During the fine weather, the prospects obtained from its elevated situation much more than compensate for any disadvantage; but, in the wet season, it is completely enveloped in mist, and damp clouds penetrate through every aperture. The intrusion of fog into a house is sufficiently disagreeable; but in these altitudes the clouds take the same liberty; and suddenly, if sitting in an apartment with the door or window open, the inhabitants often find themselves wrapped in a very poetical but very inconvenient garment. The storms, also, experienced in these elevated situations are exceedingly terrific; occasionally they rage below the residence, encircling some sublime peak of the Landour range; but at other limes they pour their unbroken fury on the devoted mansion and its terrified inhabitants—the thunder peals amidst the snow-storm, while lightning flashes around like a continuous sheet of fire, and a tremendous hurricane threatens destruction to whatever opposes its progress.

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