Hereford Cathedral—the Nave

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Hereford Cathedral.View of the nave &c. looking east.

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View of the nave of Hereford Cathedral as seen from the south-west angle, after most of the rubble produced by the 1786 fall of the western tower had been taken away. The excerpt below gives some additional information about the original drawing, as well as the author’s opinion on the repairs carried out by James Wyatt.

My once much esteemed friend and countryman, Mr. Hearne, was at Hereford in that year", and with his usual taste and accuracy made the drawing from which the annexed engraving has been copied. It becomes peculiarly valuable in the estimation of the architectural antiquary, from shewing the style and character of the triforium, the clerestory, with its thick wall pierced with a corridor, or passage, its vaulted and ribbed roof, and its aisles, all of which were rebuilt, in a very different, and I must add a very indifferent, style from the designs of the late Mr. James Wyatt, who has unfortunately left other specimens of ill applied and ill designed works in the Cathedrals of Salisbury, Lichfield, and Durham.


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