Naworth Castle

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Naworth, Cumberland.

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View of the gallery of Naworth Castle where a man sits reading a letter as suit of armor lies on the ground beside him, as though it were the body of a knight who had just been killed.

Naworth Castle, Cumbria, was first mentioned in 1323. To supplement his own description, the author quotes Thomas Pennant, according to whom The whole house is a true specimen of ancient inconvenience, of magnificence and littleness; the rooms numerous, accessible by sixteen staircases, with most frequent and sudden ascents and descents into the bargain; besides a long narrow gallery. And according to John Britton and E. W. Brayley,[1] The idea of a comfortable dwelling was, indeed, entirely excluded; the whole internal contrivance seeming only calculated to keep an enemy out, or elude his vigilance should he happen to get in.

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