Skeleton Group in the Rameshwar Temple, Ellora

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Skeleton group in the Rameswur, caves of Ellora.

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View of a group of figures carved on the walls of the Rameshwar Temple at the Ellora caves as the sunlight enters the room between two ornate pillars on the right of the picture. The authors describe the carved scene as follows:

The singular collection of skeleton figures represented in the accompanying plate, occupies a recess of the temple on the right-hand side of the entrance, and forms a striking contrast to the joyous character of the groups in each of the other compartments or recesses. Of this design, it will be seen the principal figures are represented as skeletons, with two children of the same description clinging to their fleshless limbs. In the rear, and on both sides of the skeleton group, are human figures of various proportions, and the background is beautifully filled up with foliage and clusters of fruit, separated by a mound of earth from the chief figures, who appear to have been the victims of famine.

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