Torc Waterfall

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View of the Torc Waterfall from a low angle, although from a point overlooking the stream
Torc Cascade.




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View of the Torc Waterfall from a low angle, although from a point overlooking the stream and a family out for a walk on its banks. The Torc Waterfall is described as follows by the authors:

At length we arrive at the Torc Waterfall—the most famous, and beyond comparison the most grand and beautiful of all the cascades about the Lakes. The path that leads to it is entered through a gate (close to which is a small lodge) and over a bridge which crosses the stream that runs into the lake.

The cascade is a chasm beween the mountains of Torc and Maugerton: the fall is between sixty and seventy feet. The path that leads to it by the side of the rushing and brawling current, which conducts it to the lake, has been judiciously curved, so as to conceal a full view of the fall until the visitor is immediately under it; but the opposite hill has been beautifully planted—Art having been summoned to the aid of Nature—and the tall young trees are blended with the evergreen arbutus, the holly, and a vast variety of shrubs. As we advance, the rush of waters gradually breaks upon the ear, and at a sudden turning the cataract is beheld in all its glory. And most glorious, in truth, it is, seen under any circumstances—even in the most arid season it is beautiful—the white foam breaking over huge rocks, casting the spray to inconceivable distances; rushing and brawling along its course into the valley; scattering its influences among the long green ferns, and giving such prodigious vigour to the wild vegetation it nourishes, that giant weeds thicken into underwood along its banks, and here and there meet and join across the stream.

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